justin bieber chelsea Justin Bieber warned by Chelsea Handler about all his flirtingBieber Fever came to “Chelsea Lately” Thursday (April 1) night.

“Little Nugget” — as host Chelsea Handler refers to him — Justin Bieber, gets drilled about his recent Twitter flirting. Bieber has tweet-flirted with Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and even Handler herself.

]]>Elisabeth Hasselbeck on his “The View” appearance. Handler has some words of advice for the pint-sized Casanova. “… sooner or later you’re going to be Justin Timberlake. And then you’re really going to have to get the ladies away from you. Then you can’t just flirt around anymore because then you’re really going to have to follow up on your flirting, and you’re going to have to close some deals. So be careful what you wish for, Little Nugget.” Look out for Little Nugget on “Saturday Night Live” on April 10. He tells Handler that he’s just scheduled to perform, but he hopes they’ll give him a couple skits. Somehow we don’t think “SNL” will have a problem with that request.

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