justin bieber x tattoo new ink gi Justin Bieber 'X' tattoo latest in a long line of ink for singer

Most people collects something. While some people collect things like spoons, postcards, or shot glasses, Justin Bieber has an ever-growing collection of tattoos. The newest addition to Bieber’s collection is the letter “X” on his left arm, just below his tattoo of an owl, according to the Daily Mail, who have a photo of the new ink.
The X appears to be stylized to look like the Greek letter Chi. The letter features curved ends, and is often used as an abbreviation for Christ. If that is the meaning behind Bieber’s newest ink, it wouldn’t be his first religious tattoo. He also has a portrait of praying hands on left calf, a picture of Jesus on the right, and the name “Yeshua,” which means Jesus in Hebrew, on his rib cage.
Additionally, Bieber has the logo of a junior hockey league team, the aforementioned owl, a Japanese symbol, Roman numerals, the word “Believe,” and more inked on him in various places. The “Believe” piece doesn’t quite count as a religious tattoo, as it was more a celebration of his album.
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