justin bieber complex covers Justin Bieber's Complex magazine cover: Bloody awful?Justin Bieber turned 18 on March 1 and already he’s taking steps to distance himself from his squeaky clean teen image. On the cover of April’s Complex magazine, Bieber appears bloodied and battered.

“That’s right, the world’s biggest pop star is 18 now, and he’s through being your punching bag,” reads a promo that introduces a video on the magazine’s website showing a tuxedo-clad Bieber getting beaten to a bloody pulp in a boxing ring by a big burly opponent who he then smashes over the head with a wine bottle. He’s also nursed by a bathing suit-clad “coach” who is definitely NOT Selena Gomez.

So is this the guy equivalent of showing a little skin/pole dancing (aka Miley Cyrus’ big image shift) to prove you’re all growed up now?

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson