justin bieber doll Justin Bieber's haircut costs toy company $100,000

The biggest news event of 2011 isn’t the death of Osama Bin Laden. It isn’t the Occupy Wall Street movement, or the deposing of Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak. No, it was back in February when Justin Bieber cut his signature swoop bang; apparently, the effects of the haircut were wide reaching.

The Bridge Direct, a Florida toy company, was thrown into panic when Bieber cut his hair without warning. CEO Jay Foreman recalled “a lot of shrieks around me, and people running in and out of their offices.”

Bridge Direct scored an exclusive Bieber doll license deal in June 2010 and rushed the dolls out for Christmas; the gamble was a success, as they premiered in time for Black Friday and sold 4 million units. Bridge Direct hoped to capitalize on the success in 2011 and had already put a new line of dolls into production when the haircut occurred. So, don’t be surprised if fall 2011 Bieber dolls have a familiar looking yet outdated haircut.

“We were able to change the look in the second [Spring 2012] production line for the dolls.” The cost of the changes? A hefty $100,000 dollars. All because Biebs wanted a change.

Foreman isn’t angry; despite losing a chunk of his profits, he notes the “risk[s] when you’re creating a product based on a celebrity.” Good point. Probably explains why the “Clean ‘n’ Sober Charlie Sheen Action Figure” hasn’t hit the assembly lines yet.

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