justin bieber nondisclosure agreement house parties Justin Bieber's house waiver: Snitches get stitches ... or rather, sued for $5 millionAs Justin Bieber has made the transition from teen to young adult, he has reportedly started throwing some pretty raucous parties in his Hollywood-area home. And now TMZ is reporting that should you attend one of these soirees … well, let’s just say snitches get stitches.

OK, not stitches. But possibly sued.

The site has obtained a non-disclosure agreement that reportedly everyone must sign before entering Bieber’s Calabasas home, warning guests from talking about “the physical health, or the philosophical, spiritual or other views or characteristics” of Bieber or the other guests.

The waiver goes on to say that the private goings-on at Bieber’s house better not end up online.

“Under no circumstances will you divulge the details of you entering and being on the Property or engaging in the Activities by any means or through any media whatsoever, including without limitation, through photographs, video, blogging, texting, “Tweeting” or posting any such information on any social media site.”

And if you do divulge anything, you’ll be held accountable to the tune of $5 million (and it’s capitalized, so you know it means business).

“You hereby acknowledge that it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to ascertain the monetary damages that would be caused by your breach of the terms hereof and therefore agree that any breach of the foregoing confidentiality provisions shall be compensated by a payment of Five Million Dollars.”

The waiver also absolves Bieber of any liability from injuries that occur on his property, “ranging from minor injuries to catastrophic injuries, including death.”

Um, just what is going on at Justin Bieber’s house?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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