justin bieber monkey quarantined ig Justin Bieber's monkey confiscated in Germany

Justin Bieber had to give up his pet monkey when he landed in Germany for a stop on his “Believe” tour. Authorities took the monkey into custody at Munich Airport when Biebs hit up the customs line without the proper paperwork for his pet.
The monkey, which was reportedly a gift from music producer Mally Mall, was put into quarantine while Bieber went on his merry way performing for fans in Europe.
The Biebs hasn’t had the best of luck with pets lately. His hamster PAC died earlier this month after Justin gave it away to a fan in December. He quickly came under fire for animal cruelty because the California Hamster Association claims sudden changes to a hamster’s environment can cause the little animals to die. Now, let’s see which animal rights group gets up in arms over this whole monkey situation. 
With Justin’s constant touring schedule, perhaps it’s best if he sticks to a pet rock. Maybe he can offer to let Paris Hilton adopt his monkey. She seems to always have room in her heart — and her house — for more animals.
Posted by:mchance