justin bieber grammy Justin Bieber's pre Grammy wish: to sing with Beyonce!

The Dish Rag hung out at the fabulous official Grammy Style Studio on Saturday to chat with hot teen idol Justin Bieber, who’s presenting Sunday night (Jan. 31) at the Grammy Awards.

He could not have been any more polite and adorable, chatting about his fame, good fortune, working with Usher, his upcoming movie plans (shrieks!) , performing  for the First Family and his fervent desire to work with Beyonce


We’re betting these two meet tonight either backstage or at a post-Grammy event. Wish we could be a fly on the wall to witness Justin’s pick-up line. Or just watch him be as starstruck around Beyonce as his fans are around him.
Check back later today and tomorrow for more videos of Justin picking out a new jacket, a pair of MEK jeans, snagging a cool pair of KSwiss sneakers and designing an exclusive, limited edition PennyRoyal Silver signature pendant that will be available for sale online soon.
Wait until you see what a good artist he is and find out what his message means.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead