You might have forgotten between all of the monkey shenanigans and Brazilian prostitute allegations, but Justin Bieber is an artist. Well, he’s a pop star, so that sort of counts as an artist.
He’s also a master of the perfume world, after releasing his fragrance, “The Key,” earlier in 2013. Now Bieber has released a short film for the product. Short film, in this instance, is code for long commercial.
In the four-minute ad, Bieber doesn’t say a word, but fulfills the dreams of several women in a hotel. He appears in the rooms of ladies who are sleeping, and gets romantic with them in their dreams. He even dresses as a bellhop to deliver a wedding cake in one scenario. That woman dreams of marrying a bellhop. In another, he feeds one lucky person macaroons, because they are delicious.
The most important question is why do these women sleep with their perfume next to the bed? That question is answered when the video ends with Bieber waking up, with everything being his dream. Dreams within dreams, it’s like “Inception” but without the good actors and writers.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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