justin timberlake drug use gi Justin Timberlake admits to a history of drug use with 'many different substances'

Justin Timberlake might look sharp in a suit and tie, but he hasn’t always been such a good boy. The former *NSYNC boy bander admits in a new interview that he’s dabbled in drugs in the past, especially when he would go to music festivals.

Timberlake spoke to MySpace about appearing at SXSW for the first time, and says he’s had his fair share of memorable experiences at Coachella in the past. “I’ve been to Coachella many times, on many different, um, substances,” he says, as reported by The Sun. “I’ve been to Coachella many times but not remembered a lot of it, I’ll leave it at that.”

He elaborates, “Like, I stood in an open field and one year I saw Nine Inch Nails and the next year I saw Weezer and I was standing in the middle of the field, you know, like tripping my mind out.”

Honestly, is anyone really surprised by this? It’s not that much of a shocker that a musician has experimented with drugs by the time he turned 32. Timberlake also opened up about how he came to collaborate with Jay-Z on his single “Suit & Tie.”

“Tim and I were in the studio working on some stuff — some potential stuff — for Beyonc�, and Jay came in and we started messing around with stuff, and we worked on a handful of songs together. It would be fun to find a way to put them out,” he says “‘Suit & Tie’ came out of that — we were just having fun.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz