tux justin timberlake 324 Justin Timberlake is not recording new music, sadlyPlease exhale and continue breathing as you wait for the most successful *NSYNC member, Justin Timberlake, to keep recording music. Dude’s seriously focusing on his acting career, and the recent rumors that he’s been spending time in the studio are totally false.

You should definitely not hold your breath until that new JT album comes out. We know, we’re sobbing too.

J-Timberlake has not been recording with a producer nobody’s heard of, his publicist tells Entertainment Weekly. There are no plans for a new album, but the future Mr. Jessica Biel is working with Timbaland for the producer/rapper’s “Shock Value 3.” “That’s it,” the rep says of any future music (or FutureSexLoveSounds) from Timberlake.

For the record, some rando named Jim Beanz (actually, he’s apparently worked with Britney Spears and Katy Perry, so maybe he’s legit) has been saying he’s working on both “Shock Value 3” and an upcoming JT-only project, which we now know isn’t happening (outside of our dreams).

Oh well, back to listening to Robin Thicke on repeat…

Posted by:Jean Bentley