Okay, we’ll say it: Justin Timberlake is our favorite “Saturday Night Live” host. Even the “Bring it on down” skits aren’t getting old.

You know someone’s awesome when even their discarded skits are hilarious, like this one, which was performed at the dress rehearsal but never made it to the broadcast. Some are speculating that it was cut because it didn’t have the broad appeal – you’ve got to know your Timberlake to get a laugh out of this one – but seriously, who doesn’t know Timberlake?

In the skit, JT pokes fun at himself mercilessly, reclaiming all the criticism that’s been thrown his way recently. If you’ve got beef with him — whether it’s about his decision to abandon music or whether it’s about the Serious Actor hipster glasses he’s taken to wearing — he hears you, and he doesn’t really care.

We wish this one had made it into the broadcast, but it works just fine for a Monday morning laugh, too.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie