justine bateman college gi Justine Bateman: 'Family Ties' star is now a college studentActress Justine Bateman has been in front of a camera since she was 16, and she never took time to attend college. Until now.

Bateman, 47, is close to wrapping up her freshman year at UCLA studying computer science. The fomrer “Family Ties” star records her experience on a (sometimes NSFW) Tumblr called College Life, which mixes sometimes acidly funny comments on her experience, breakdowns of her course work and stories about “smarty pants women” and others who have come to college later in life.

“I was just thinking about 15 minutes and what can you do in 15 minutes,” she writes in one post, “and I realized, when I’m in an exam and the time is ticking, I can get from an ‘F’ to a ‘B’ in 15 minutes, MoFo.” Mallory Keaton, this is not.

Bateman has continued to act steadily over the years, most recently guest-starring on an episode of “Modern Family.” Her other recent credits include episodes of “Psych” and “Californication.”

Posted by:Rick Porter