jwoww noh8 nude JWoww duct tapes her breasts and poses topless for NOH8

JWoww — real name Jenni Farley — has bared it all for the sake of the NOH8 campaign. The former “Jersey Shore” star was photographed with both her mouth and her breasts duct-taped in a new image from the civil rights movement.

As she tells MTV News, the quest for equal rights regardless of sexuality hits close to home for her. “My best friend, Joey, is gay and he was with his boyfriend Eric for seven years,” JWoww says. “He wanted to get married so bad for like the last four years. Three months before the law was passed, he went to a courthouse for the common law, and I don’t want to say they disrespected him, but they just treated him like another number. It’s my dream for him to have this huge wedding.”

JWoww continues, “So now that the law’s passed, I want to go back and be able to do it again for him, kind of like a renewal of the vows, but have a traditional wedding. Because I think everyone, gay, straight, should be able to have that and cherish that and have all the pictures, the family, everything. It’s really important to me.”

As for whether or not she’d march in New York City’s Gay Pride Parade, she says. “Oh, I would totally do that! I would make Nicole [Snooki] go with me. She would be down for that as well. Gay pride march? [Snooki squeals in the background] She said she would soooo go.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz