kal penn goverment phone Kal Penn's swiped govn't issued cell phone has Secret Service joining hunt for crook“Harold and Kumar’s” Kal Penn had a bummer of a 4/20 when he was robbed at gunpoint in D.C. But little did the thief know, you mess with Penn, you mess with the Secret Service. The robber nabbed Penn’s wallet, but also made the mistake of swiping
his two cell phones. One of them just so happens to belong to the U.S.

]]>left his role on FOX’s “House” to take a position as a member of President Barack Obama‘s staff. And when you’re serving as the Associate Director in the Office of Public Engagement, you get a fancy government cell phone (possibly pictured in hand above?). According to TMZ, the Secret Service will now be joining the D.C. Metro Police Department in the search for the crook. TMZ has also been told that “no information was compromised because no official numbers were in the phone.”
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Posted by:Christine Law