Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting isn’t exactly a shy person. The “Big Bang Theory” star has made that clear again in an interview for the May issue of Cosmopolitan. In addition to talking about work and relationships, Cuoco reveals that she got breast implants in 2004.

The actress was apparently 18 and acting on “8 Simple Rules” at the time of the plastic surgery. 10 years later, and there are no regrets. In the “Entertainment Tonight” interview in the video above, Cosmopolitan fashion director Aya Kanai talks about Cuoco: “Not only is she honest about all the wonderful and great things that she loves about her life, but she’s also open and honest about the things she wanted to change.”

Other topics touched on in the interview include checking out social media (she does, a lot) and her brief stint dating “Superman” star Henry Cavill.

Posted by:Laurel Brown