kaley cuoco sweeting big bang theory cbs Kaley Cuoco 'giddy' over 'Big Bang Theory' 'Sweeting' credits name change

Kaley Cuoco is very, very serious about taking on hubby Ryan Sweeting‘s last name. The newly married actress is so serious about it that she has officially had her name changed in “The Big Bang Theory” credit sequence.

While watching Jan. 30’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” Cuoco Sweeting snapped a picture of the credits change. “Seriously giddy,” she writes on Instagram.

Her husband Ryan posted the same picture, writing, “Mrs. Sweeting :)))) @normancook #oldballandchain.”

Of course, it’s a little funny that the name change appeared over the face of Johnny Galecki, who Cuoco dated for two years early on in “The Big Bang Theory’s” run. They’re still close friends, though, so don’t be surprised if the next time you see “The Big Bang Theory’s” credits they look something like this:

Posted by:Terri Schwartz