kaley cuoco tweets dish hopper ad cbs suing gi Kaley Cuoco tweets ad for Dish 'Hopper' as CBS sues them

“Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco doesn’t always have to toe the company line. The actress proved that with a tweet expressing her support of the “Hopper,” according to The Wrap. The Hopper is a service from Dish Network that allows users to simply “hop” over commercial breaks automatically. The network that airs her show, CBS, is currently suing Dish over the service.
In her tweet, Cuoco didn’t mention the ability to skip commercial breaks, but instead talked about an advertisement for the service that highlights being able to watch television on your portable devices. “Amazing! Watching live TV anywhere on the #Hopper looks pretty awesome! Now where can I find a tiny beer? #ad,” she tweeted with a link to the commercial. The tweet has since been deleted. Dish Network CEO Joe Clayton says, in a statement, “It’s disappointing that CBS – once the exemplar of editorial independence and innovation – continues to use its heavy hand to hold back progress from consumers.”
In a statement to Zap2it, CBS responded, saying, “Once again, Joe Clayton demonstrates his dubious gift for hyperbole and hucksterism. No demands were made, but it’s clear that Dish’s culture of fabrication is alive and well.”
CBS is suing Dish, claiming the service modifies their content in an illegal manner that they have not authorized, THR reports. Likewise, Fox and NBCUniversal have filed lawsuits of their own against Dish because of the service, and Dish has returned the favor, suing all four major networks.
In the end, Cuoco’s tweet was a paid endorsement, something many celebrities do with their Twitter accounts. Dish says they went to the actress because of her influence. The link tweeted was also posted by several others.
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