kanye west taylor swift gi Kanye West: Alleged Taylor Swift rant leaks onlineIf it wasn’t clear yet, it ought to be: Kanye West will never live down the infamous moment he he interrupted Taylor Swift‘s acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. Case in point? Audio allegedly of the rapper has hit the Internet in which he rants about the singer.

A tipster turned over the audio to Gawker, claiming it was discreetly recorded while West as at dinner with some friends at the Corner Bistro in New York, just after the 2009 VMAs. In the audio, the alleged West explains why he jumped into Swift’s spotlight while she was accepting her award for Best Female Video. (Be warned: It doesn’t make much sense.)

“Taylor Swift cannot win over Beyonce! Because I wrote my verse [to “Run This Town”] in two days, Taylor Swift cannot beat Beyonce. As long as I’m alive! And if I’m alive, kill me then! Kill me then! As long as I’m alive, you gon’ have to deal with it. ‘Cause there ain’t gonna be no more motherf***ing Elvises with no James Browns,” he rants. Uh, okay.

A female voice asks the West voice why he’s so angry, to which he replies, “Because my mother got arrested for the f***in’ sit-ins. My mother died [from plastic surgery complications in 2008] for this fame s***! I moved to f***in’ Hollywood chasing this s***. My mother dies because of this s***. F*** MTV.” Logical.

Is it really West? We’ll likely never know. The sad part is he’s created such a reputation for himself that no one can dismiss this out of hand. 

Posted by:Billy Nilles