Kanye West was caught on video attacking another paparazzo while arriving at LAX Friday (July 19). TMZ obtained the video of Kim Kardashian‘s baby daddy attacking the photog on his way out of the Los Angeles airport terminal.

Kanye can be seen staring down the cameraman with a menacing glare, as he asks the requisite paparazzi questions. “I told you don’t talk to me right,” Kanye asks the paparazzo, who seems surprised by the notion. “What you’re trying to do is get me in trouble. So I [inaudible] have to pay you like $250,000 … ”

As Kanye is speaking, he seems to decide the quarter of a mil would be worth it, and charges the camera man. The paparazzo can be heard saying “no, no … no, no, no” as Yeezy makes his move, and what’s left of the footage is dizzying scenery as the camera is jostled around.

Witnesses at the scene say Kanye threw several punches before the man with the camera hit the ground. It’s unclear if or how the photog was injured, but paramedics and police reportedly rushed to the scene. Sounds like Mr. West might be in trouble this time

Update: Sure enough, the “Black Skinhead” singer is in trouble over this incident. According to TMZ, the LAPD has named West a felony suspect in the attempted robbery of the man with the camera. The case is being handled by the Robbery Homicide Unit, who will give the district attorney a file for potential prosecution.
The alleged victim was transferred to the hospital. Now, what was that “$250,000” Kanye wast talking about?
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