kanye west charged criminal battery gi Kanye West charged with criminal battery after paparazzi attackKanye West is not getting off scot-free after his attack on a paparazzo at LAX this summer.

TMZ reports that, on Friday (Sept. 13), West was charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft after going after a photographer who attempted to speak to him as he left the airport on July 19. The photog went to the hospital after the incident and then hired Gloria Allred to represent him in his lawsuit. Allred claims the attack left her client badly injured.

Days before West lost control at LAX, he had issued several warnings to the paparazzi not to dare speak to him.

Should West be convicted of both misdemeanors, he faces a maximum of one year in jail. He’s due to be arraigned on Oct. 10.

Do you think West deserves jail time for his attack on the photographer?

Posted by:Billy Nilles