kanye west delivery room gi Kanye West to skip delivery room but Prince William and Josh Duhamel won't

Kanye West will reportedly not be in the delivery room when Kim Kardashian gives birth to her baby girl. Evidently, he’s “very squeamish and doesn’t want to be around blood.” While many don’t do well with the sight of blood, it’s becoming more and more common for dads to be in the room when their child is born. 
Kanye may not be one of those guys, but there are two other notable fathers-to-be who most definitely will not miss out on that experience. Prince William is reportedly planning to be in the delivery room when Kate Middleton gives birth to his first child. Kate is leaving most of the decisions of her childbirth up to royal doctors, but she wants her husband of two years in the room when it’s time.
Josh Duhamel also plans to be present for the birth of his first baby. When appearing on “Chelsea Lately” the actor said he would be there with his wife, Fergie. However, there are some ground rules. “She says that I can’t be anywhere below [her face],” he explains, “Because, you know, some women get nervous about that.”
Maybe Kanye will be the dad who paces in the waiting room, ready to hand out cigars when he’s told the baby is born. You can see Duhamel talking about becoming a dad and being in the delivery room below:

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