alligator boots jackhole rhymefest Kanye West's unaired 'Alligator Boots': Comedy featured puppets and Kim Kardashian in Leia bikiniAnd the winner for “Best Comedy Series that never made it to air” is … “Alligator Boots.”

The pilot, which co-creator and executive producer Daniel Kellison describes as “the hip-hop ‘Muppet Show,'” looks like comic genius in a behind-the-scenes video unearthed by The Vine. But sadly, the folks at Comedy Central passed on the project, landing it in trash heap of TV history.

The show, which was a joint project between rapper Kanye West’s company Rhymefest and Crank Yankers producers Jackhole Productions, was shot in 2008. It was to be a combination of sketches featuring mostly puppets and a human guest star.  

The footage below includes interviews with puppeteers, talent, writers and producers as well as Kim Kardashian dressed in Princess Leia’s metal bikini.

We weep a little bit wondering what might have been.

Here’s the video.

Posted by:David Eckstein