kanye west vma getty Kanye West's VMAs performance: Zap2it readers weigh inKanye West certainly caused a stir at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. His response to last year’s Taylor Swift debacle was a song called “Runaway,” in which he toasted various not-so-great guys. You can watch the video here.

Zap2it commenters were definitely split about Kanye’s “Runaway” performance.

Pro Kanye

Cody: This song was sick.. waiting for it to get on youtube, itunes or anything on the internet!

Tyler/Alabama: That was absolutly amazing, and if all u people that want to hate on Kanye turn off your tv and never watch MTV again, everyone’s so fast to turn on a man who speeks his opinion, (ok I’ll admit a little rude last year) but you’re also quick to forget the man has given us some of the greatest music, not only of our generation but of all time… P.S. EMINEM got robbed of the video of the year, I’m just sayin!!

nicholas.says: i personally hate Kanye as a person… but seriously… he was BRILLIANT tonight on the VMA’s. he’s a toast to you, Kanye.

nika: THIS SONG WAS THE SHIZZZZZLE!!!!! come on, taylor swift wants yall to cry(i muted the tv when she sung)same vocals all the time. KANYE WAS ON TOP!!!! LOVED IT!!! HE POKED FUN OF HIMSELF & IT WORKED!!!! Sometimes in life, just let it go. Granted he was rude, but he put her name out there. And he came before her and will be out afta her. He’s a genius!

Eddie M.: So sick of this kanye-taylor feud. kanye is a much better and much more creative artist than taylor, and just about every other mainstream artist out there.

Anti Kanye

KK: he’s an a-hole, at its worst. why everyone was chanting his name like he’s a bonafide superstar is beyond me…and why mtv chose him to close the show only reinforces his a-hole actions.

Queen Pino: West IS an *******, douchbag, scumbag, etc. Swift’s works is not so great but she didn’t need to be treated like that either….West should of wrote a ballad to kiss and make up not perform a song that confirms his desperation…dumb ***!

Anonymous: Honestly, it is not only the “white folks”, for lack of a better term, who is standing for swift. It is anybody who has the decency and respect for people who can decipher that West is the lowest form of a person…talented or not, he’s a dog.

JettaJameson: That song sucked. Wow. I’m in awe of it’s suckage. And what was with his hideous outfit? Looks like he’s been in Elton John’s closet again.

Street Wize: Yawn… Go away Kanye. Crawl back under whatever rock you came out from under and take that stupid red suit with you (really?)… you are less than a man and have no real talent. What a loser.

Which side do you agree with?

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