kara dioguardi paula abdul Kara DioGuardi ate pot brownies at Paula Abdul's house, really couldn't handle it

The layers of absurdity to this little anecdote are many, so please bear with us…

Former “American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi recently stopped by “Lopez Tonight” to promote her new Bravo series, “Platinum Hit.” And as she reflected on her tenure at “Idol,” talk turned to an interesting experience house-sitting for fellow judge Paula Abdul.

“The maid at the time found these brownies in the freezer,” DioGuardi remembers. “She took them out, put them in the refrigerator, and I hadn’t really eaten much that night… They were these, little nuggets, little, you know, I take six, not a lot.”

Cut to several hours later: DioGuardi was stumbling down the stairs to an ambulance and an E.M.T who looks at her and says, “This b***h is as high as a kite.”

“I don’t even smoke pot!” she remembers saying. Uh, clearly. The brownies apparently put her in bed for three days, hallucinating and hooked up to IV fluids.

“The maid took one and she was in the hospital,” DioGuardi tells Lopez. “I had six, I almost died.”

So what did Paula Abdul have to say about her edible adventure? “They weren’t hers,” says DioGuardi. “someone had left them from a party and frozen them.”

Ah, yes, we’re quite familiar with that party guest.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell