karen klein bus monitor cnn Karen Klein gets an apology from bus bullies on 'Anderson Cooper 360'Middle school bus monitor Karen Klein, who has received an outpouring of support via the Internet after a video of some 7th graders brutally bullying her went viral, appeared on “Anderson Cooper 360” to talk about the situation.

“I was trying to get it out of my mind,” Klein says of the incident. “I was looking out the window … I just didn’t hear everything that they said. I probably would’ve been a lot more upset if I did.”

Cooper read aloud apologies from two of the bullies, but Klein was skeptical of their sincerity. “I am so sorry for the way I treated you,” Josh writes. “When I saw the video I was disgusted and could not believe I did that. I am sorry for being so mean and I will never treat anyone this way again.”

But Klein says Josh has a history of bad behavior, and doesn’t really accept the apology. “Of course he’s going to say anything,” she says. “Josh always had this smirk on his face. I just don’t think I would believe anything Josh has to say.”

Klein clarifies that she doesn’t think that deep down the boys are bad, but she does want them to be held accountable for their actions. She’s probably not pressing charges, but she hopes the school will suspend them from sports and the bus for a year or make them do community service.

As for the online vacation fund Reddit users started after watching the video — which has almost surpassed $500,000 (yep, half a million!) — Klein says she can’t believe it’s real. “I just don’t feel like it’ll come to me anyway, so I don’t think too much about it,” she says “I just don’t know if it’s for real or not. It sounds too good to be true.”

Southwest Airlines has also lent Klein support, offering to fly her and nine other people to Disneyland, all expenses paid.

Do you think Klein should’ve accepted Josh’s apology?

Watch Klein’s full appearance below:

Posted by:Jean Bentley