kasey kahne gi Kasey Kahne is so sorry about those breastfeeding tweetsNASCAR driver Kasey Kahne (middle name: Kenneth) is doing a 180 after tweeting that the sight of a breastfeeding woman in a supermarket grossed him out.

In a statement posted to his Facebook page, Kahne writes:

“I understand that my comments regarding breastfeeding posted on Twitter were offensive to some people. For that, I apologize. It was in no way my intention to offend any mother who chooses to breastfeed her child, or, for that matter, anyone who supports breast feeding children. I want to make that clear.”

On Wednesday (Dec. 28), Kahne — who is 31, so can’t really blame immaturity — tweeted that he didn’t feel like “shopping or eating anymore” after seeing a mom breastfeeding. He described the scene as “one boob put away one boob hanging!! #nasty.” When one of his Twitter followers criticized him for the reaction, he replied calling the tweeter a “dumb b****.”

In his apology, Kahne continues: “In all honestly, I was surprised by what I saw in a grocery store. I shared that reaction with my fans on Twitter. It obviously wasn’t the correct approach, and, after reading your feedback, I now have a better understanding of why my posts upset some of you.”

“My comments were not directed at the mother’s right to breastfeed. They were just a reaction to the location of that choice, and the fashion in which it was executed on that occasion. I respect the mother’s right to feed her child whenever and wherever she pleases.”

Kahne also apologized for the Twitter name-calling, but several people have posted items on Kahne’s Facebook wall asking that his sponsors withdraw their support.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson