kat graham video still 'Vampire Diaries' star Kat Graham struts her stuff in 'Put Your Graffiti On Me' videoWhile Kat Graham is best known for her work as resident witch Bonnie on “The Vampire Diaries,” we’ve always been big fans of her music — whether she’s putting out original tracks like her teaser single “Sassy,” or revamping Janet Jackson classics.

In Graham’s single for “Put Your Graffiti On Me,” she shakes off Bonnie’s angst and earth tones and projects her own confidence and empowerment in a breathy series of bright colors, tight dance moves, and coy giggles.

kat graham video still 2 'Vampire Diaries' star Kat Graham struts her stuff in 'Put Your Graffiti On Me' videoThe song is all about girl power, but she does have one male co-star in the video — her real life boyfriend, model Cottrell Guidry, features in the clip.

Though she’s been writing music since she was a child, Graham’s big pop break came recently, when she landed a record deal with A&M Octone Records. She tells us that having a label backing her has added some new pressure — in a good way.

“I have to work with huge producers and I don’t know them and I’m going in kind of blind, and kind of feeling it all out for myself,” she says. “It’s very new. I’m dealing with like 20 more people than I normally deal with. It’s like a whole other beast, but A&M Octone is probably the best label I could ever be with; they’re really embracing me.”

Of course, the added stress can only mean good things. When we saw her at a “Vampire Diaries” event earlier this month, she was still giddy from a long day in the studio with some favorites of hers. “I was in the studio today with the Cataracs, who I love, who did ‘Like a G6,’ and I ran from there straight here,” she told us.

Meanwhile, back in Mystic Falls, the “Vampire Diaries” season is hurtling toward its May 10 finale, which can only mean one thing… tragedy. Let’s just say that the “TVD” cast list may change over the course of the last three episodes.

“It’s hard, because it changes every year, and you don’t know who you’re going to say bye to that year,” Graham tells us. “But honestly, I think we’re all used to the fact that we can get killed off any episode. I mean, I’m totally fine with it, because I really love Julie [Plec] and Kevin [Williamson] and I’m just like, ‘If that’s your vision and that’s what you’ve created, then you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.'”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie