Kate-Beckinsale.jpgWe’re kind of convinced that Kate Beckinsale is a fembot. No one could be that utterly stunning at 38 and incredibly nice and be a real human being. Some of us at the Zap2it office have had the opportunity to interview her and she couldn’t be sweeter if you covered her in cupcakes and chocolate truffles.

That said, we’re thrilled to see her back in “Underworld: Awakening.” As the vampire Selene, she kicks some serious butt in skin-tight leather. It seems like it would be a bit of an undertaking and not very comfortable, but at the film’s premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Beckinsale told the LA Times, “Actually, it’s a costume I really liked.”

She recently told The Insider, “I remember the first movie I did, I was very intimidated by the
costume. I trust it now. Actually, it gives you a little bit of help, if
anything.” Well, that much leather would certainly hold in her non-existent wobbly parts. “Underworld: Awakening” is in theaters now, taking a giant bite out of everything else at the box office.

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