Kate Beckinsale looked pretty as a picture at the horrifyingly early (5 a.m.) Golden Globe nomination announcements today, wearing a black silk halter tuxedo dress by Monique Lhullier.

But the brunette actress, who stars in yet another gothic vampire flick, “Underworld: Evolution,” really opens her dark crypt in an interview with Playboy, now on stands.

On checking into hotels using funny pseudonyms: “My husband put his foot down on my using Sigourney Beaver. He doesn’t like it when they call to ask him about something and they say, ‘Hello, Mr. Beaver.’ He always gets caught being the mister to whatever name I use.”

Photo: Kate Beckinsale gives the nominees a hand at the 63rd annual Golden Globes animation announcements at the Beverly Hilton Hotel
(Eric Neitzel / WireImage)

]]>On her anorexic adolescence: “I was a nice posh girl from West London, so I probably wasn’t going to become a crack addict. It was going to be something else, and that’s the thing you do if you’re a girl who grew up in a private school.”

On rumors she urinated into a director’s thermos: “No. [laughs] I’ll never talk about that. All I’ll say is crimes were committed. I was at an age when that was the only solution…..But he deserved it.”

On being voted the sixth most boring person in college: “I was. Oxford was a big party campus. It has an old drinking tradition in which you have to drink a pint of vodka from the shoe of the person on your left. I wasn’t into it. I won the prize for the most interesting hairstyle, though. I used to think geisha girls were really cute, so I would pile my hair up on my head and wear pale makeup. So it wasn’t a totally fallow year for me.”

And finally, on her hatred of her “Van Helsing” costume: “We burned it when we finished shooting. I was desperate to burn it the minute I put it on. I did not want to wear those boots ever again. The boots alone took about 20 minutes to put on. The costume designer wanted everything to be authentic, so it was buckle after buckle. My assistant would buckle one, and someone else would buckle the other. They ended up with giant calluses on their hands.”

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