kate gosselin getty maratho Kate Gosselin carbs up after running marathon

So, you’ve just finished running a marathon. What do you do next?
If you’re Kate Gosselin, you replenish your carb supply with some tasty Italian food. The reality star-turned coupon blogger completed the Las Vegas Marathon on Sunday (Dec. 4), and washed down her win with some pizza, pasta and that all-American drink, Coca-Cola.
“I ate 2.5 huge pieces of pizza and some penne pasta and a coke- not diet mind you! :),” Gosselin tells one of her Twitter followers post-marathon. 
Gosselin finished her first marathon in 4 hours 59 minutes and 21 seconds, and is still basking in the glow from her hard-earned achievement. “Good day, all!2 days post marathon &I’m feeling pretty good..still really tired but focusing on what’s next..&still basking in it all!:),” Gosselin tweeted on Tuesday (Dec. 6). 
Congrats again to Gosselin — regardless of your opinion of her, that’s a heck of an accomplishment.
Posted by:Jean Bentley