kate gosselin australia Kate Gosselin heads to Australia on 'Kate Plus 8.' Sorry, Australia“Kate Plus 8” began its second season on TLC Monday night (April 4) with an episode that found Kate Gosselin taking the kids to Australia for some outdoor adventure. Because that went so well when the family did the “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” crossover.

Koalas were held (as pictured), meltdowns were had (see: Cara during the New Year’s Eve fireworks in Sydney, Kate in a shark cage), and Kate once again used her TV platform to talk a good game about embracing new experiences and the like. She got in the water twice, actually, snorkeling alongside sea lions in addition to getting inside a shark cage.

And while Kate was off facing the man-eaters, the kids got milkshakes. As you can see in the clip below, aide Ashley didn’t really get orders from the children before getting a sampling of shakes, which leads to some semi-predictable carping about who gets what flavor, and why didn’t you get the kind I like — you know, kid stuff.

A Kate-free clip from the premiere is below. Are you still watching “Kate Plus 8”? Do you care anymore?

Posted by:Rick Porter