Television_Gilbe_58744566_600 Kate Gosselin is happy about getting Jon Gosselin to fork over the family funds.

According to reports, her lawyer released a statement about Jon's returning cash he withdrew from the couple's joint bank account.

"We are clearly pleased that the monies taken by Mr. Gosselin have been returned to the marital account, and we look forward to recouping additional monies taken by Mr. Gosselin at the time of the parties' private arbitration hearings. 

"A total of at least $235,000 was taken by Mr. Gosselin, and despite his initial comments denying responsibility, we have established that Ms. Gosselin needed emergency relief to prevent her economic claims from being compromised."

So much for that receipt for just $22,000 that he claimed to have on "The Insider," as proof of his withdrawal. 

Guess Jon will have to find some other way to pay for his desired hair plugs and liposuction for his new career on TV. Too bad!

Do you feel sorry for Jon? Or should he get a real job?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead