bingham hudson twitter Kate Hudson and Bing Bellamy, first baby picture releasedTwitter has become the “go to” forum for celebrities for posting all things baby. Mariah Carey showed off her twin-toting baby belly in a March Twitter post. In early August, the Beckhams revealed their new girl Harper Seven in a TwitPic. And Sunday (Aug. 14), Kate Hudson’s baby daddy Matt Bellamy went to the social media site to unveil their month-old son Bingham ‘Bing’ Hawn Bellamy.

The photo was accompanied by the simple message “Family life!”

This post was followed hours later by another message in which Bellamy expressed his distaste for the paparazzi who are eager to get more pictures of the newborn. He writes, “Wow, these paps are annoying. Thought we’d tweet pic in hope of paps backing off, didn’t work!” In his next 140-character missive he adds, “There should be laws protecting minors… Daily mail – expect to hear from lawyers soon ;)”

Bellamy, the lead singer for the band Muse, and Hudson, the Oscar-nominated actress, welcomed little Bing into the world July 9. They couple also got engaged in April.

Bing is Hudson’s second child as she has a son Ryder with Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson.

Posted by:David Eckstein