kate hudson breast implants Did Kate Hudson get breast implants?Kate Hudson celebrates her 31st birthday on April 19, and, if you believe today’s web reports, she recently bought a pair of brand new breasts.

Kate showed off her slightly fuller chest while on vacation in Florida on April 9 and that’s all it took for the Internet tittle-tattling to begin.

]]>source revealed that an unnamed plastic surgeon performed a small breast augmentation on Kate in late March. The report recalls that a movie studio famously enhanced her chest  for the poster of her romantic comedy, “Fools Gold.” But news flash: studios do that to every actress’s image, well-endowed or not. The last time Kate’s chest was under this amount of scrutiny was when she almost slid out of her slinky silver dress the AMAs in November, 2009. Whether or not Kate had surgical assistance we may never know and frankly, it’s really none of our business.  But if that’s not a boost-up bikini top and she did get implants, at least hers are in proportion with her slender body. And  she didn’t get triple H implants like Heidi Montag did.  Heidi’s are officially bigger than her head. It’s a wonder she can walk without  tipping over or stand without assistance.

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead