matthew bellamy kate hudson getty Kate Hudson 'married' according to mom Goldie HawnTalk about lost in translation. Goldie Hawn is clearing up what she says when she means “married,” especially as it relates to her daughter Kate Hudson and her partner Matt Bellamy.

In a recent article in London’s Evening Standard, Hawn was discussing her kids and grandchildren when she seemingly leaked out a good bit of celebrity gossip.

She says, “When my daughter Kate married an English rock star it didn’t worry me; all that matters (is) that the relationship is a good one. What people do is not necessarily who they are.”

This marriage news was a surprise to everyone, but certainly not completely implausible. Hudson and Bellamy have an eight-month old son together and got engaged in April 2011. But Hawn writes on Twitter that the two aren’t married after all.

When one of Hawn’s Twitter followers asked her whether her daughter was really married, the actress responds, “Darling once again [they] twisted the truth. They aren’t married.”

If or when they finally do wed, it’ll be Hudson’s second marriage. She was previously married to Chris Robinson, lead singer of the Black Crowes.

Posted by:David Eckstein