Article-1224665-070B0A60000005DC-283_468x650 Is Kate Hudson starting to look like Madonna

If so, could it be because that’s the way her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez – who once

called Madonna his “soul mate” – likes ’em?

Hudson recently got all slick in a black swimsuit and cat

eyeliner for Elle magazine.

She also revealed that she lost weight (20 pounds) to play a terminally

ill woman who falls for her doctor.

And the best way was to give up drinking.

"I love my

glass of wine. I love tequila. To be in New York for two weeks and not have one

beverage, I’m not sure I’ve ever done that!"

 What do you think of Kate's new look?

Is she giving the Material Girl a run for her dominatrix money? 

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Photo credit: copyright David Slijper courtesy of Elle magazine

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead