kate major michael lohan Kate Major: Has Jon Gosselin gal pal moved on to Michael Lohan?A phenomenon that continues to both perplex and amuse The Dish Rag is people who become known for having an association with someone more known and are then reluctant to give up their brush with fame and will hold on to it at any cost.

Take, for example, Kate Major. You may remember Kate as the Star reporter who quit her job after she fell head-over-heels for Jon Gosselin during the course of an interview.

There was a brief flurry of interest as to whether or not Kate 2.0 had replaced Hailey Glassman as Jon’s main squeeze, including a weekend spent hiding out at Michael Lohan‘s house.

]]>Journalism Ethics Columnist and she has a new man in her life. Kate accompanied old pal Michael Lohan to the Celebrity Boxing 16: Nothing Personal bout held at the Airport Ramada on Friday (Jan. 15) night in Essington, Pennsylvania. Yes, Michael was fighting. He took down basketball-player-turned-aspiring-actor Derek MacIntosh. Lohan told RadarOnline last week, “Kate and I are both moving to California. If she can find a house or an apartment that’s right and big enough, then I’ll probably move in.” What’s next for Kate? For some reason we’re predicting a sudden desire to become sort of fashion designer coming on. Handbags? Lingerie? Leggings?

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Photo credit: Brian Hineline, Allentown Morning Call

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