kate middeton finnish baby box condoms prince william Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby: Third in line for the throneThe Prince or Princess of Cambridge will move to near the front of the line to be the next British monarch.

Prince William and Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge‘s baby, who is due in the next couple of days, will be third in line to assume the throne, moving ahead of William’s younger brother, Prince Harry. William is currently second in line, behind his father, Prince Charles.

Things could get a little sticky if the baby is a girl and if Kate and William have a boy later. Succession to the throne is governed by a 312-year-old law that currently states a younger male heir would jump ahead of his older sister, but there’s an effort to change that in the works.

The British Parliament has passed legislation that makes the first-born child the heir to the throne regardless of gender. Lawmakers in the rest of the commonwealth have to pass identical changes, and although they’ve all agreed in principle to do so, procedural challenges have held things up in Canada and Australia.

Still, it seems likely that the baby will take his or her place in line for the throne without a hitch.

Posted by:Rick Porter