kate middleton prince william denmark Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors sparked by peanut paste refusal. Yes, really.The internet is abuzz this week with rumors of a bouncing baby royal on the way for Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Why? Because she turned down some peanut paste. Of course.

William and Kate were in Copenhagen touring a UNICEF facility with Denmark’s Crown Prince Frederik and his wife, Princess Mary. One of the activities everyone took part in was sampling peanut paste, which is a staple of the UNICEF packages handed out in places of famine.

Mary, Frederik and William all dug in, but Catherine politely declined. ABC News claims she gave William a “knowing look.”

And in case you’re wondering what this has to do with being pregnant – doctors have cautioned pregnant women to stay away from peanuts due to possible allergies. Duncan Larcombe, royal editor for U.K. newspaper The Sun, tells ABC News, “Her spokesman went out of their way to stress that she has no nut allergy whatsoever.”

That must mean she’s pregnant, y’all! Seriously, have we seen her drink alcohol or eat sushi in the last couple months either?!

All kidding aside, it’s not impossible that she is pregnant. The couple was wed on April 29. Clearly she wasn’t pregnant at that point. But if William and Kate have been trying to conceived, she very well could be pregnant. We just don’t think we should rush to assume due to a peanut paste decline.

Whether she’s pregnant now or not, one can assume she will be at some point and it’s jsut in time for a change to the laws of succession. Just last week the British Parliament changed the law so that now a baby girl can be first in line to the throne.

But what about Queen Elizabeth II, you say? She and her younger sister Margaret were King George VI’s only children, hence Elizabeth’s reign. But if a boy had been born, he would’ve been rightful heir to the throne, even if he was younger than Elizabeth.

Now the law has changed, however, and whichever gender William and Kate have first will be the crown prince or princess of England (after Charles and William, of course).

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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