kate middleton irish star Kate Middleton topless photos published in two more tabloidsThe topless photos of Kate Middleton are getting more, um, exposure.

The Irish Daily Star today (Sept. 15) printed the pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing on vacation with her husband, Prince William, first published by the French magazine Closer.

And Italian rag Chi announced that it, too, would run the images in a special 26-page issue next week.

Britain’s royal family announced Friday that it was suing  Closer for what it called a “grotesque and totally unjustifiable” breach of privacy “reminiscent of the worst excesses of the press and paparazzi during the life of Diana, Princess of Wales, and all the more upsetting to The Duke and Duchess for being so. ”

Today, the palace reacted to the Irish mag’s publication of 10 of the Closer snaps by saying, “There can be no motivation for this action other than greed.”

Irish Daily Star editor Mike O’Kane told the BBC he was “a little taken aback by the reaction in the U.K.”

“I did this as a service to our readers,” said O’Kane. “It only seems to be an issue in the U.K. because she is your future queen. But from our point of view in Ireland, Kate Middleton is just another of the fantastic line of celebrities.”

Do you agree — are the invasion of privacy criticisms only “an issue in the U.K.”?

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