kate william canada day 2 Kate Middleton's Canada Day hat: Yay or nay?You’ve got to love a princess with a sense of humor.

Yeah, we know, technically she’s a duchess, but she looks like someone cut-and-pasted all of the Disney princesses’ various features together and out popped Kate Middleton.

The newlywed and her husband, Prince William, are currently enjoying an official visit to Canada, stepped out in style on Canada Day (July 1).

Middleton even honored Canada — and the grand British tradition of hats, hats, hats — with a maple leaf-adorned fascinator. With her red shoes and white dress, she matched the Canadian flag, bringing a touch of whimsy to the citizenship ceremony she attended that day.

The press has recently taken note of Middleton’s tendency to recycle outfits, something us commoners do regularly but a nearly unheard of practice for royalty. The media attention hasn’t changed her ways, though — the white dress she wore is the same Reiss dress she wore in her official engagement photos with Wills. She also rocked something borrowed – a diamond maple leaf brooch on loan from the Queen.

What do you think of the hat? Just enough or too much?

kate william canada day Kate Middleton's Canada Day hat: Yay or nay?

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie