kate dress gi Kate Middleton's see through dress sells at auction for $125KA see-through dress modeled by Kate Middleton, princess to be, in a 2002 student fashion show sold for a whopping $125,000 at auction.

The buyer, identified only as “Nick from Jersey” (as in the English Channel island, not Seaside Heights), was pleased, according to his agent.

“It’s an iconic piece and he is very happy with the purchase,” the agent said in an interview with CNN. “It’s a great addition to his collection.”

Collection of see-through royal wear?

In any case, the dress sold for 10 times what it was expected to fetch. According to auctioneer Kerry Taylor, the dress symbolizes the moment when Prince William fell for Middleton.

“If we’re to believe the reports, it’s the dress that caught the prince’s eye and captured his heart — and that’s why people want it,” she said.

The dress is made of black-and-gold silk with turquoise bands at the top and bottom. It is reportedly a U.S. size 8.

Designer Charlotte Todd didn’t speculate on what inspired Middleton to sport the skimpy look on a runway.

“I don’t know if Kate chose to wear this dress or if someone put her in the dress,” said Todd. “So, I don’t know if it was her intention to be there in her underwear in front of the prince.”

Middleton and Prince William are set to marry on April 29. As far as we know, she’s looking elsewhere for a wedding dress.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson