sarah ferguson gi Kate Middleton's topless photos, Prince Harry's naked pics: Fergie talks recent royal scandalsAfter all the recent headlines devoted to paparazzi photos of Kate Middleton sunbathing topless in private and camera phone snaps of Prince Harry’s naked romp in a Las Vegas hotel room, Sarah Ferguson tells “Access Hollywood” it’s time to get back to focusing on all the good thing the British royals do.

“They are a beautiful couple doing an extraordinary job for Great Britain,” Ferguson says of Kate and Prince William. “They didn’t do anything wrong. They had a lovely time together,” Ferguson adds about the couple’s vacation, when the photos were taken without their knowledge. “It’s so romantic. I love romance. It’s beautiful to see a young couple in love.”

As for Harry, Ferguson praises him as “a fantastic man and a great soldier.” “He’s been in Afghanistan for four years,” she notes. “Let’s focus on the good things.”

Ferguson has had her own problems with paparazzi in the past, and when “Access” host Billy Bush asks if she expects things might get better following the outcry over the invasion of Middleton’s privacy, she doesn’t sound optimistic: “I’ve been in public life 27 years. It was bad then, it’s the same now and it’s gonna get worse and worse.”

Watch an excerpt from Ferguson’s “Access Hollywood” interview below, in which she also discusses the charity work of her ex-husband and daughter, and reveals she’s been reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”:

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