prince william kate middleton getty smiling Kate Middleton's wedding dress will be revealed to Prince William only after the public's first lookKate Middleton may be teasing the world with decoy dresses, but the Royal wedding obsessed can take solace in the fact that the chosen dress will be revealed to the public before even Prince William gets a glimpse.

]]> Prince Harry will reportedly be isolated in a small chapel at Westminster Abbey for quiet reflection until just before Kate’s arrival. People reports that during those 20 minutes, the brothers and members of the clergy will not be viewing any TV coverage of the bride’s journey from the Goring Hotel to the church. During said journey, nearly everyone in the free world will be watching Kate through the windows of her Rolls-Royce Phantom VI. Unless of course, you are living on the west coast of the United States and would prefer to continue sleeping. Around 11 AM local time, Kate will emerge from the vehicle and palace aides will confirm the name of her dress designer. Rumor has it, Sophia Cranston holds the honor. We like that the Royal pair are sticking with tradition on this one. With so much scheduling and formalities, it’s nice to have at least some elements of surprise left!

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci