Kate Gosselin is taking on poultry kind … you know, since she had so much success for those two German Shepherds that were given away and that alligator.

We’re not dedicated watchers of “Kate Plus 8” (ah, remember the salad days when we watched for the kids?) but all we have to say is Kate + chickens = tragicomedy.

Although she fake clucks at the beginning of this clip, you’ll hear her do some real squawking later, which is kind of indistinguishable from the actual hen’s squawking. Or maybe it’s just editing.

Why she wants chickens will be revealed on the show we assume. Is it just the thriftiness of free eggs? Teaching the kids where food comes from? Commiseration between mother hens?

The new one-hour special airs Sunday, July 11 on TLC.

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen