kate-upton-cat-daddy-bikini-nun-caitlin-uptonSports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton is a multi-talented 19-year-old, equally at home in a bikini as she is on film in movies like “Tower Heist” and “The Three Stooges.” And, it turns out she’s got some dance skills.

In a new video posted by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson (46), Upton demonstrates the “Cat Daddy.” The dance is a variation on “The Dougie” from dance hip-hop band The Rej3cts. It’s described by the Urban Dictionary as “it’s like you’re in a wheel chair rolling your wheels.”

Righto. Watch below as Upton demonstrates. Luckily, there are hardly any pesky clothes to get in the way of fully studying the moves. So, long story short, you officially have no excuse for not executing a perfect Cat Daddy after watching this:

And, below, The Rej3cts with Chris Brown demonstrating the original:

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson