kate-upton-video-pictures-images-photos-bikini-swimsuit-Kevin-Durant-James-Harden-youtube.jpgSo it’s not quite the same as seeing her do the Cat Daddy in a bikini, but Kate Upton is proving she has some comedy chops in the newly released “Take a Supermodel to Work” vid from headphone company Skullcandy.

In the video, the 19-year-old Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model shadows Oklahoma City Thunder stars Kevin Durant and James Harden during a typical day at the “office.”

Channeling an annoying little kid (with a dash of Jess from “New Girl” for good measure), she throws out a seemingly endless series of comments and questions

“What’s that shot called?” she asks. “I saw one game where you didn’t make any shots.”

“Did you watch ‘Space Jam’?” she asks later.

Then the guys get to go to work with her, which can only mean one thing — bikini time!

Check out the video here:

Posted by:Jennifer Harper