The Super Bowl might not be until Feb. 3, but fans have been served with a piping hot taste of Kate Upton and her boob jiggle a bit early. The model wears a tank top and short shorts in a new Mercedes-Benz ad that plays up her sex appeal and unattainable status.

The ad for the Mercedes-Benz CLA plays out in slow motion in true Upton style. She can be seen blowing soap suds and standing to the side as men in football jerseys wash the car for her. Though she doesn’t wash it herself, she does point out that they “missed a spot” before walking away.

Will this be the sexiest ad of the Super Bowl? It could be, though Danica Patrick and Bar Refaeli are likely going to give Upton a run for her money in their Go Daddy commercial.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz