Did you really think Kate Upton’s car wash Mercedes-Benz commercial was all the company had to offer for the Super Bowl this year? Mercedes has unveiled a new full-length ad for its 2014 CLA, and it is fantastic.

Featuring Upton, Usher and Willem Dafoe as the devil himself, this commercial is much more fun than just Upton blowing soap suds at football players as they wash the CLA. In this, a man gazes in wonder at a billboard being put up of the new Mercedes-Benz. Dafoe as Satan arrives to try to get him to sign away his soul in order to get the car in exchange for fame, fortune, Upton as a date and Usher as a dance partner.

The only catch? The CLA is (relatively) more affordable now, and the man decides he doesn’t need the devil’s help. In response, an annoyed Dafoe vanishes in a puff of smoke.

Mercedes-Benz isn’t the only company to have unveiled its Super Bowl commercial early. Upton’s Mercedes-Benz ad, Amy Poehler’s Best Buy commercial, a Volkswagen tease and a decidedly unsexy — but still funny — Go Daddy ad have already debuted.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz