kate upton zoo york Kate Upton's Zoo York commercial banned by MTV and Adult SwimWe’ve seen her in a barely-there bikini on the cover of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and writhing around with a cheeseburger in a Carl’s Jr. ad, but apparently Kate Upton is too hot for TV when donning workout gear?

The sports-bra-clad model appears in a new Zoo York commercial, which according to a press release from the skateboard company (excerpted by New York Daily News), is being rejected by MTV and Adult Swim because of the ad’s “bleeped profanity” and the 19-year-old Upton’s “erect nipple.”

In the commercial below, Upton jogs, stretches and poses while two profane cockroaches comment on her physique, using such double entendres as “backside,” “grinding” and “waxed.” Check it out for yourself, but be warned it’s the unedited version so the language is NSFW.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper